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Appellate Litigation

No matter how vigorously and competently your trial attorney presented your case, juries convict those on trial for criminal offenses more often than they acquit them. If you were convicted and sentenced, you have a right to appeal to a higher court for review of your case. There are deadlines you must meet and your Notice of Appeal must generally be filed with the court within a few days of your sentencing. Brentford Ferreira, owner of the Law Office of Brentford Ferreira, has 30 years of experience in post-conviction litigation.
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Attorney Consultation

Attorney Brentford Ferreira is the go-to guy on legal ethics. He’s gotten district attorneys out of trouble when the judge wanted to hold the lawyer in contempt. Sometimes, a lawyer needs a lawyer to handle these types of legal issues. The Law Office of Brentford Ferreira is available to lawyers for consultation.
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Constitutional Law

U.S. constitutional law is the foundation of America. State and federal constitutions define the relationship between governmental branches and impact every aspect of American life and commerce. It’s from constitutional law that American society derives their rights and freedoms as citizens. If you have an issue that involves your constitutional rights, turn to attorney Brentford Ferreira for help.
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Want to clean up your record? Turn to the Law Office of Brentford Ferreira for help with expungement of records. Expungement entails going to court to ask a judge to seal the court record. Once the case is sealed, all records of an arrest and court case are removed from the public record. The records are no longer available through state or federal repositories. Individuals may fail to acknowledge being charged with the expunged crime record and even legally deny ever being arrested.
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Habeas Corpus Litigation

A Writ of Habeas Corpus is provided for in the U.S. Constitution. It is a legal procedure that allows people who are in government custody to petition the court for release, claiming they are being held illegally. It is a civil process and essentially means, “bring the body to the courthouse.” When the petition is filed, the court is then required to determine if the government is legally holding the person in custody. Whether you seek relief from your criminal conviction or from an immigration detention or deportation order, Attorney Ferreria will review the facts of your case and help you decide how to proceed.
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