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Attorney Brentford Ferreira is the go-to guy on legal ethics. He’s gotten district attorneys out of trouble when the judge wanted to hold the lawyer in contempt. Sometimes, a lawyer needs a lawyer to handle these types of legal issues. The Law Office of Brentford Ferreira is available to lawyers for consultation.

Lawyers in Trouble

Lawyers can wind up in trouble for a wide variety of reasons. Misconduct in civil litigation is not an uncommon phenomenon. And allegations of misconduct isn’t limited to any particular type of case. For example, intellectual property cases entail high stakes for both the attorney and client. Pressure can lead trial attorneys to step outside the bounds of vigorous advocacy. Where to draw the line is a challenging question, and the courts have the power to impose a wide variety of sanctions on the attorney. Attorneys may wind up with a damaged reputation or even potential bar discipline. Attorney Brentford has in-depth knowledge of potential ethics fallout from litigation behavior that crosses the line.

Attorney Malpractice and Attorney Misconduct

Attorney malpractice is a failure to exercise standard skill and knowledge where that failure than damages a client. Plaintiffs must prove that the attorney failed in providing ordinary skill and knowledge commonly possessed by other members of the legal profession. In addition, the plaintiff must prove that the attorney’s breach of duty directly caused the plaintiff’s damages. If you’re being sued for attorney malpractice, call attorney Brentford Ferreira for a consultation. He will take the time to listen to your side of the story and advise you of your options.

Attorney misconduct is the failure to comply with the rules of conduct adopted by the court. All but two states follow the version of the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Failure to comply by the rules subjects the lawyer to discipline by the highest court of that jurisdiction. There are also Enforcement Rules for the discipline if the attorney refuses to cooperate in the disciplinary process itself.

The potential consequences for attorney malpractice and attorney misconduct are very different. The worst case scenario in an attorney malpractice case is that the lawyer will have to pay monetary damages to the plaintiff. On the flip side, attorney misconduct may put the lawyer’s license at jeopardy. The attorney may face a broad range of sanctions, including a private reprimand to disbarment.

If you’re facing attorney misconduct or attorney malpractice, call the Law Office of Brentford Ferreira for a consultation.

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