Constitutional Law

U.S. constitutional law is the foundation of America. State and federal constitutions define the relationship between governmental branches and impact every aspect of American life and commerce. It’s from constitutional law that American society derives their rights and freedoms as citizens. If you have an issue that involves your constitutional rights, turn to attorney Brentford Ferreira for help. Constitutional law is highly complex, and attorney Brentford Ferreira has in-depth knowledge of this challenging area of law. His clients have included bureaucrats, citizens suing the government and criminal prisoners.

What Constitutional Law Attorneys Do

As a constitutional law attorney, Brentford Ferreira defends the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms and rights of U.S. citizens. This includes arguing whether or not laws adopted by Congress or a state legislature is constitutional or unconstitutional. Often, disputes in constitutional law stem from the interpretations of the Bill of Rights and articles of the constitution. Attorney Brentford Ferreira stays up-to-date with new issues, such as gay rights.

Opposition to Certiorari Petition in the U.S. Supreme Court

Sometimes, when an appeal is won, the opponent files a petition for a writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court. Attorney Brentford Ferreira is knowledgeable about the cert petition process and knows whether to file an opposition. He takes a good look at the odds of a cert petition being granted, the risk in waiving an opposition and its certworthiness. The odds of a cert petition being granted are quite small. Out of about 7,000 cert petitions, the court typically decides the merits in about only 80 cases. At the same time, the possibility that it might be awarded cannot be ignored.

When deciding whether to file an opposition, his focus will not be on whether or not the lower court’s decision was correct on the merits of the case but rather is the case is certworthy. This is because the Supreme Court does not seek to correct all errors made by lower courts. His focus will be on unsettled questions of statutory law or federal constitutionality. Examples include cases where an appellate court decided in conflict with governing Supreme Court precedent and cases clearly raising important federal questions.

Since cert pool law clerks deal with many petitions per week, his strategy is to keep the opposition short ad to the point. He will clearly outline why a case is not certworthy without becoming wrapped up in its merits. This increases the odds of the cert being denied.

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