Want to clean up your record? Turn to the Law Office of Brentford Ferreira for help with expungement of records. Expungement entails going to court to ask a judge to seal the court record. Once the case is sealed, all records of an arrest and court case are removed from the public record. The records are no longer available through state or federal repositories. Individuals may fail to acknowledge being charged with the expunged crime record and even legally deny ever being arrested.

The Purpose of Expungements: Attorney Brentford Ferreira

Often, people request an expungement to prevent a job denial, professional license or housing because of a criminal record. For example, a crime conviction will likely result in the ability to obtain a professional license for teaching, becoming a nurse and practicing law. At the same time, it’s important to note that the expunged record isn’t destroyed. Immigration officers, FBI, police and other public officials may see sealed court files if necessary.

The criminal offenses that may be expunged can range from misdemeanors to felonies. Different jurisdictions also may allow for the expungement of misdemeanor convictions while not allowing the expungement of felony convictions.

Certificate of Rehabilitation

A certificate of rehabilitation is not an expungement. It’s a special court order stating that the individual has been entirely rehabilitated. If you’ve been convicted of a felony and expungement isn’t an option, a certificate of rehabilitation may be a good alternative. Once it’s granted, all rights are restored, and the court order is sent to the governor for an automatic application of pardon. This alternative ends employment and occupational licensing discrimination.

Among other requirements for a certificate of rehabilitation, it may have to be up to seven years since you were released from prison. Continuous residency in the state is required, and you must have lived a crime free life since being released from prison.

Attorney Brentford Ferreira handles everything from start to finish for a certificate of rehabilitation. This includes preparing and filing the application, briefing the judge, arguing the case in court and submitting the certificate for a pardon.

The state’s criminal laws are complicated. Attorney Brentford Ferreira can help advise you as to whether or not an expungement or certificate of rehabilitation is best. Call him for a case review to learn about the process of applying for an expungement or certificate of rehabilitation.

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